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Declutter 101: Books

old-booksSo many of us collect books. As a (mostly) reformed book hoarder collector myself, I totally understand this. They’re pretty. They hold beloved friends and amazing adventures. And they can make us feel important. Some may not admit this, but I’ve heard it from others and it was true for myself. We think “If people come to my house and see my shelf full of wonderful books they’re going to think I’m smart and well read”.

So we all agree, books are great. The problem is if you’re an avid reader, books can start to take up a lot of space. And for the most part they only ever get used once. Think about that. You use this thing once, put it on a shelf and NEVER TOUCH IT AGAIN. Except for dusting it, and moving it around to make space for other books you probably won’t touch again. And yet I so often hear that books are among the hardest things to let go of.

If you’re working on downsizing or reducing clutter, and can’t seem to part with your books, here’s a few tips to help you through the process.

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Finding the Real You Under all that Clutter

Ocean Hd Wallpaper Beach Dawn Dusk NatureWe spend our lives gathering things that might be useful or that portray the person we want to be. But what if you let go of all that baggage from your past? Without all the stuff that belongs to the person you think you should be getting in the way, you can focus on the things you really love.

The workout gear you bought when you decided to get in shape but never use, only serves to remind you that you let that gym membership go to waste and makes you feel guilty.

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12 Surprising Ways Clutter Is Ruining Your Life

Note: This is a Guest Post from MakeSpace.

The dog-eared duplicates of your favorite book. The stray, lonely earring you’re hoping you’ll one day find the partner for. The stack of CDs you listened to… 17 years ago, before Napster even hit the scene.

Clutter: It comes in many shapes and sizes.

But sometimes, the very items we think we’ll need “just in case” are actually not only useless, but they’re also taking up space in our home… and causing us significant stress.

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Decluttering: 6 Easy Next Steps

NextStepsYou’ve started decluttering and have done the really easy things. (See 5 Easy First Steps) Your shelves have a bit more room and your closet door almost opens all the way now. But you still have so much more stuff than you really need. So, what next? Now you’re ready to move onto the next level! Try letting go of some of the things below to free up even more space.

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Declutter 101: Electronic Waste

vintage-electronicsWith the rate at which technology advances, electronic waste can quickly become clutter and take up a lot of space in your home. If you’re able to repair or upgrade your electronics, that’s obviously the best option to minimize harmful electronic waste in our landfills and save you money. But lets face it, we aren’t all that handy! Rest assured, there are other options to dispose of those unwanted electronics without adding to landfills. Because of this constantly growing problem, companies like Staples and BestBuy now have drop off programs that recycle e-waste. And you can sometimes find people in your area looking for electronic items to repair on resale sites like Kijiji.

If you have old electronics piling up, here are some tips to help you purge e-waste from your home:

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5 Easy First Steps

FirstStepsSo you’ve decided you’re going to declutter. You’re ready to let go of your things and can’t wait to remove everything that doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you joy. And then you look around at all your stuff and think… “Where do I begin?” Below are five quick tips to help you get started in a big way. Decluttering, like many other things in life gets easier the more you do it. Letting go is easier when you’ve seen the results, and knowing what doesn’t serve a purpose becomes clearer when you have less things to deal with. So get started by removing some of the easy items listed below. Once you tackle these things, you’ll be ready to move on to some more meaningful items.

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